Project Description


  • Baxi 2,5 m2 horizontal solar collector certified Solar Keymark
  • For flat and pitched roof
  • INCLUDED protective film: total overheating protection. The package
    contains all the main instructions for assembly, transport and maintenance of
    the solar collector
  • Compression-fittings connections: brass connections ensure maintenance
    over time – distance between collectors: 55 mm
  • High efficiency: increased absorption surface by means of a more contained frame
  • Elegant design: the collector has been developed with a focus on its design.
    Profile and coatings are the same color as glass, ensuring the integration of the
    panel on every roof
  • Up to 10 collectors can be connected in series
  • Gross surface: 2,52 m2
  • Covering: single solar glass ESG that is pre-stressed, non-ferrous, hail resistant
    and 3.2 mm thick
  • Absorber: laser welded aluminium slab (0,4 mm thick) with copper meander
    pipe (8 mm diameter) and highly selective treatment

Technical data