Project Description


  • Wide modulation ratio up to 1:9 (1:5 mod. 1.130, 1.150, 1.200 and 1.250) better efficiency and noiseless operation
  • The new models 1.130 and 1.150 have the same size of 90-110 kW models
  • High efficiency wide modulation circulating pump available in the hydraulic connection accessory
  • Heat exchanger, with combustion chamber and hydraulic circuit, composed by stainless steel coils
  • Fanned flue models with coaxial or dual flue pipes
  • Control panel with wide text display and protection cover
  • Enhanced electronics allows to manage cascade installations up to 16 boilers
  • Simplified maintenance operations: frontal access to the internal components
  • Maximum operating pressure: 4 bar (6 bar mod. 1.130, 1.150, 1.200 and 1.250)
  • Wide range of accessories

Hydraulic system

Stainless steel premixing burner with
modulating fan
Stainless steel water/flue exchanger
System to prevent pump sticking operating
every 24 hours
Flow and return NTC sensor

Thermoregulation system

Built-in remote control and climatic regulator
Built-in climatic regulation (with outdoor
sensor supplied as optional)
Mixed zones system (high and low
temperatures) installation option
Cascade system installation option
(up to 16 boilers)
NTC sensor for DHW cylinder control option

Control system

Programmable room unit for heating
and DHW
Overheat limit thermostat of the water/flue
Low water pressure switch
Heating circuit digital manometer
Full anti-frost device
Control device for water circulation
Electronic thermometer
Complete range of accessories for single and
cascade installations

Technical data