Appiano sulla Strada del Vino is also called “the Land of castles, lakes and wines” and it is located a few kilometers away from Bolzano. 


Sport center – Ice rink
Appiano sulla Strada del Vino (BZ) – Italy

System data

Ladurner G. Thermotechnik
Frei & Runggaldier
City of Appiano Sulla Strada del Vino (BZ)
Heat generator
3 x BAXI POWER HT 1.1500
Maximum output
450 kW (150 kWx3)
Minimum output
40,4 kW
Average efficiency (DIN 4702-T8)
109,8% (one boiler)
NOx class
Kind of fuel
Natural gas

ImmagineAppiano sulla Strada del Vino is also called “the Land of castles, lakes and wines” and it is located a few kilometers away from Bolzano. But this town is also known for its hockey team HC Eppan Pirates now playing in the A2 championship. The domestic matches are played at Appiano’s Ice Rink. It has been built in 1983, with a capacity of 1375 seats, this structure has recently done an important renovation of the technological systems. The intervention has involved the change of the thermal plant where condensing boilers have been installed. The project provided for a power of 450 kW, with 10% modulation of the total power, since the users (gym, locker room and cafeteria) rarely require a contemporaneous usage of the services. The thermal plant is located in the -1 floor, so the boilers had to be reliable and with reasonable dimensions. For these reasons, the boilers which have been chosen are 3 Power HT 1.1500 (dimensions hxwxd 80x45x113 cm).

Further the dimensions, the reasons were also energy saving and to reduce of pollutant emissions. The characteristics of Power HT can be summarized as following:
– The stainless steel burner, through the internal spreader and the special micro-perforation of the cylindrical surface, grants a uniform spread of the air-gas mixture independently from his length.
– The primary exchanger, totally made of stainless steel, is built with two cylindrical flue chambers, vertically positioned (burner chamber and condensation chamber). Inside the cylindrical surface there are stainless steel coils, in which run the water of the primary circuit. In the upper chamber the warm flues discharge gives heat to the return water of the system, contained in the coils, provoking the condensation of the flues themselves and giving latent heat to the water, pre-heating it before it enters the chamber of the burner.
– The pre-mixing unit that grant constantly to the burner an optimal air-gas ratio independently from the number of turns of the fan limiting to the minimum the consumptions and ensuring always the correct combustion (that means reduction of the pollutant emissions).

Heating system
The heating system serves 3 locals: gym (annex to the ice rink), the cafeteria and the locker room. These uses are heated with radiators served with 3 high temperature circuits., while air-treatment machines, with exchange batteries supplied with 5 mixing circuits, are used for conditioning during winter. Given the number of circuits and the type of system, special attention have been paid to the sizing of the hydraulic separator, moreover on the primary circuit a second circulator for each boiler have been installed to decrease the difference of flow between primary circuit and second circuit. This solution, jointly with a boiler flow temperature depending on the outdoor temperature, allow to maximize the efficiency and the energy saving. Special attention have been paid also to the insulation of the pipes, due to the length of the distribution network.

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